On 23 May, Because Animals has annuciated its renaming into BioCraft Pet Nutrition. After a new appointment in leadership, the company now aims to only set its focus on the commercialization of cultured meat ingredients for the pet food industry and hopes support through name changing.

Earlier in 2023, CULT Food Science has already purchased formulation and patents which belonged to BioCraft. BioCraft though has kept all intellectual property regarding cultured meat production.

“As we intensified our focus on developing cultured meat for pet food manufacturers, and built up our scientific efforts, it was appropriate to claim a new identity that signals the state of the art in pet nutrition,” explained Shannon Falconer, Ph.D., founder and CEO of BioCraft and one of the original founders of Because Animals.

In order to boost the production and development of cultured meat, BioCraft will use all its resources like R&D, infrastructure and cooperations. The company intends to appoint new leaders icluding Theresa Rothenbücher, Ph.D.,

Rothenbücher owns a doctorate in molecular biology and tissue engineering. Furthermore sheis is co-founder and former chief scientific officer of Revo Foods and therefore has lots of experience in food technology and entrepreneurship.

“Bringing in Theresa’s experience in tissue engineering and product development multiplies our strengths, and puts us on the path to becoming the leading provider of cultured meat for the pet food supply chain,” Falconer continued.

She will support Chai Molina Ph.D., BioCraft’s chief computational since 2022 who has a doctorate in mathematics and a master’s in theoretical and mathematical biology.

Jonny Cruz serves as COO and is another member of the team with several years of experience in various areas.

The company intends to found new partnerships with pet food producers trying to extend its portfolio with cultured meat products.

According to BioCraft, the meat growed in proprietary cell lines resembles the consistency of “meat slurry” which pet food processors know very well and can replace one-to-one with animal-based meat. The cultured meat is not genetically modified, free from GMOs, antibiotics, steroids and other hormones.

The renaming shall help boosting the use alternative pet food proteins that are environmentally sustainable and contribute to pet’s health.

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