Ever heard about Baobab the super-fruit or super-food in pet food? Some food experts do already known about it and the demand is growing very fast. Pet food is the next industry to encounter this ingredient. Baobab is a fruit, which comes from the Baobab tree from Africa. One of the main places to source it is Mozambique in Easter-Africa next to Madagaskar. Some describe it as a “natural functional sensation” – Why is that?

What makes Baobab special and a super-food

The product is 100% natural. It naturally occurs in powder form as the fruit naturally dries during the ripening process. And there is much more to it, Baobab provides many good reasons to consider the use in pet food applications wet or dry:

  • high vitamin content (B1, B3, B6, and esp. vitamin C)
  • valuable minerals (calcium, potassium, thiamine, iron)
  • High fibre content
  • Antioxidant effect
  • Prebiotic characteristics
  • Allergen and gluten free
  • Organic
  • Clean Label – as it is declared as a fruit and not as an additive

Social responsibility and sustainable sourcing with Baobab

Social responsibility and sustainable sourcing of ingredients are more and more important to pet food customers. Baobab, also known as a pharmacy tree or magic tree by the locals, was often cut in the past. The wood was sold and thus provided some income for the villages. Once cut, the income was gone.

The harvesting of the fruits provides many positive effects. The natural vegetation is preserved and thus helps to stop the desertification of large parts of the country. The local economy improves and environmental protection is supported. A rough estimate says over 2.100 women from over 30 villages have a solid income and can support and improve their family’s lives.

Baobab – in pet food for innovation and market leaders

Now, it’s time for pet manufacturers to decide. Wait and see what other market participants develop with this super-fruit. Or be the first themselves. Who will prove as are market-leader as they innovate? Baobab provides many aspects that R&D and procurement managers look for. It shows a lot of benefits in the product properties, is natural, safe, and highly nutrient for the pets, and at the same time, there is much more to it thinking about sustainable and responsible sourcing.

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