Akraborg, a manufacturer of canned products for humans, revealed its plans to enter the pet food business. At the moment, Akraborg manufactures complementary pet food products. The company expects that its sustainable concept including supply chain and formulas attracts pet owners to buy more healthy pet food.

The company, of which fish oil producer Lýsi owns a majority stake, was founded in 1989 and is the biggest premium-quality canned cod liver products producer in the world. Akraborg’s part owner Officer supports with marketing and sales strategies.

“We see ourselves as very market driven and we’re very good at scaling up,” said Rasmus Thomsen, business development and sales manager at Officer. “If you look at our history in cod liver, we started as a small business and got very good by investing in the right equipment, know-how and technology to sell our canned seafood all around the world.”

Akraborg runs two facilities in Iceland and a pet food facility since 2021 equipped with latest technology.

“The world’s growing population is in need of proteins, and we see a possible way of producing human-grade quality pet food products based on fresh fish materials that were previously frozen and downgraded quality wise,” Thomsen said.

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