The European pet supplier, Placek Group, has announced 2023 to become the year of innovation for its brand Super Zoo in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Especially, product range, services and company activities are affected by the innovation announcement.

At the start of 2023, Super Zoo has introduced its mobile app which provides faster and more economical shopping experience to users through extra discounts for loyal customers. The brand will add the option to choose between normal and electronic receipts in the second half of the year aiming to further sustainability.

Furthermore, Super Zoo knows about its social responsibility and actively supports abandoned pets in the Czech Republic. The brand has also build up a general partnership with the movie Gump – Us Two.

“We share a common philosophy with the Gump movie and a desire to help abandoned pets. That is why we have decided not to build our partnership only on product placement, but to support it with a long-term campaign aimed primarily at supporting animal shelters and educating society in this area,” explains Placek’s COO Luboš Rejchrt.

The product range has also been extended already. Recently, the ultra-premium holistic dog food Elbeville was added that was especially designed after customers desires. The product is made out of locally sourced ingredients with the highest quality possible.

“Since its launch, we have received positive reviews from our customers, who praise both the formula composed of local ingredients and its high digestibility thanks to these high-quality ingredients and production technology. It is based on the extrusion process, which creates small bubbles in the granules that help gastric juices to digest the granules easily not only from the outside, but also from the inside,” stated Martina Mačková, Super Zoo’s product development & marketing manager.

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