The Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi has more focussed on the development of smart pet devices since many customers are pet owners. Therefore, the Beijing-based company has collected pet health data to assure the same high standards as its products for the mother and baby industry.

Last year, the company has launched its smart pet food feeder to be available in Asia and some markets in Europe. The gadget which was then demanded worldwide can be used together with the Xiaomi home app, Mi Home. Pet owners can adjust fixed times at when their pets shall get a specific amount of food. The device is able to store up to 1.8 kgs of food.

“By introducing a new range of smart pet products, we can better serve global pet users. In fact, we have a lot of expectations from our customers to make the safest and coolest products in the industry,” the company stated.

The company aims to expand its device in Europe, intending to add other markets later this year. Xiaomi is currently working on the development of more pet devices.

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