According to an announcement on 11th April, Whitebridge Pet Brands and Agras Pet Foods completed their fusion. Owner of the new formed Whitebridge Pet Brands will be the Belgian investment firm NXMH.

Oliver Amice, Whitebridge’s present CEO, will also take the position as CEO of the merged companies.

“Our goal has always been to build a global natural health nutrition company,” Amice explained. “Together, Whitebridge and Agras make a major leap toward that goal with sales in more than fifty countries and four plants that service a larger geographic footprint. More importantly, Agras and Whitebridge are compatible, with talented teams, a shared nutritional belief of natural and minimally processed pet food and a portfolio of strong, purposeful brands delivering on the promise of health and happiness for dogs and cats.”

Whitebridge, which is based in US, produces the brands Tiki Pets®, Dogswell®, Grizzly®, Cloud Star®, Buddy Biscuits®, Pet Botanics®, Crazy Dog® and Petite Cuisine®. Agras is the manufacturer of Schesir®, Stuzzy® and ADOC®.

“I strongly believe that the two teams working together will give the new company the unique opportunity to build a truly global and unique petfood business, and I will provide my full support during the transition,” said Pietro Molteni, former chief executive officer of Agras.

Offices of the new Whitebridge Pet Brands stay in St. Louis, Mo., and Genoa, Italy. The company will also operate Agras’ dry pet food plant in Neive, Italy.

Due to the merger, Whitebridge aims to increase its global presence.

“This merger is in the spirit of our philosophy of ‘Better Together,’” Amice added. “It allows us to accelerate our development with more innovation made available to more markets. We will continue to bring to our retailers relevant and differentiated solutions to help them maximize the potential of their stores.”

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