The pet food brand HOWND found a new partner for the next three years: the UK football club Forest Green Rovers. By advertising during the club’s games the new partnership is aimed to increase the degree of popularity and the advantages of plant-based pet food.

Henry Staelens, CEO of Forest Green Rovers, explained: “Bringing a company like HOWND into our partnership mix, who focus on pet food that is both planet-friendly and healthy, was an obvious partnership for us – we look forward to seeing it evolve over the seasons”.

Mark Hirschel, Commercial Director & Co-Founder of HOWND, added: “Football may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re a vegan brand for dogs, but this is something uniquely special for us. To have the opportunity to partner with FGR, an incredibly ‘green’ football club from top to bottom, shows how like-minded brands can work together for the better good. I couldn’t be more impressed with FGR’s sustainability measures; a 100% vegan football club, eco-friendly stadium innovations, the list goes on.”

Since 2010 Forest Green tries to become the world’d first carbon-neutral football club. Therefore the club uses e.g. solar energy, water recycling and provides all vegan menues for players and fans.

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