The plant-based dog food startup OMNI disclosed it has obtained £1.1 million ($1.5 million) from investors. The investment shall support the company, founded in 2020 by veterinarian Dr. Guy Sandelowsky and Shiv Sivakumar, to further expand.

Among the investors were ProVeg International, Kale United, Purple Orange Ventures, Trellis Road and Shiocap. Other investors include Vera Baker, Brendan Robinson and FoodHack.

“Plant-based proteins for pets are becoming popular due to an overall concern about pet health and wellness and an overarching concern about sustainability,” Baker said. “Guy and Shiv have tapped into a booming trend and they are savvy enough to make it work.”

OMNI entered the ProVeg Incubator’s accelerator program, supporting companies, that use plant-based proteins, in 2021.

“Plant-based alternatives are transforming the food industry,” said Albrecht Wolfmeyer, head of the ProVeg Incubator. “Now the pet food industry is ripe for change. OMNI is part of a new generation of impact-driven pet food companies focusing on sustainability and health.”

Through the investment, the company wants to create a new dog treats fighting common health problems.

The company’s aim is to provide dog owners healthy, 100% plant-based food that is also environmentally friendly.

“More and more pet owners are going vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian, and many are taking their pets with them,” Sandelowsky said. “This market is already worth many billions of dollars a year worldwide and it will only get bigger – perhaps much, much bigger.”

Insight Partners forecasts the global vegan pet food market to hit $15 billion by 2028.

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