Starting at the first quarter of the upcoming year, VAFO, the Czech pet food producer, plans to increase its dry pet food production to more than 20,000 tons per year.

Therefore, VAFO will open its ninth factory in Europe, located in Nokia, about 200km from Helsinki, worth €15 million. Mainly, the company will produce the Finnish pet food brand Hau-Hau Champion but will not preclude to also produce other private-label brands in that plant.

According to VAFO, all ingredients in the products are locally sourced and fully recyclably packed.

Last year in March, VAFO has also revealed its plan of building a fully automated manufacturing plant to produce premium wet pet food.

The factory, planned to open 2025 in Chotoviny, 80km south of Prague, “is constantly ramping up production.” “This capacity is not unlimited, which is why by 2025, we want to build a brand-new wet food factory,” stated VAFO.

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