VAFO Group, a prominent European producer of premium pet food, has introduced a groundbreaking range of eco-conscious dog and cat nutrition named “Planet Pet Society.” These formulations boast the integration of repurposed ingredients, attaining climate neutrality throughout both production and packaging processes, and dedicating a portion of proceeds towards rejuvenating seagrass habitats in the Baltic Sea.

This launch targets the growing demographic of environmentally-conscious pet owners. VAFO cites recent surveys, indicating that a substantial 61% of pet proprietors express keen interest in understanding the ecological footprint of their pet’s sustenance.

To meet this demand, Planet Pet Society diets embrace “second-chance ingredients,” repurposing components from the meat, fruit, and vegetable industries. This includes repurposing raw animal byproducts such as meat trimmings, offal, cartilage, and fish skin that might otherwise be discarded. In addition, VAFO incorporates dehydrated apple peels sourced from a local cidery, along with residual vegetable pulps from primary production.

According to VAFO, these constituents not only offer essential amino acids but also contribute to the curbing of food wastage.

Karolína Čápová, Head of Product at VAFO Group, elucidates, “Upcycling is a new way of looking at the selection of quality, nutritionally rich ingredients with a smaller impact on the planet,” said Karolína Čápová, head of product at VAFO Group. “They’re ideal for covering the natural nutritional needs of dogs and cats with a primary component of animal protein, while at the same time easing the strain on the environment. We’ve developed a food that’s friendly to the environment and reduces food waste. And it’s because we love nature, just like our four-legged buddies do, so we want to do what we can to protect it for them.”

Furthermore, VAFO commits to the exclusive utilization of local raw materials, reliance on renewable energy sources, and adoption of entirely recyclable packaging, ensuring that Planet Pet Society attains complete climate neutrality.

In a further stride towards biodiversity conservation, the brand pledges 1% of its sales to the John Nurminen Foundation. These contributions will be channeled towards the facilitation of seagrass revival projects in the Baltic Sea, involving the transplanting of eelgrass seedlings to regions where it has been depleted.

Karolína Čápová adds, “We decided to support the seagrass restoration project in the Baltic Sea because its waters bathe the shores of almost all the countries in which VAFO has branches. Put simply, we’re helping out in the places where we have activities.”

This initiative aligns seamlessly with VAFO Group’s comprehensive sustainability goals, encompassing a reduction in carbon emissions, the widespread use of recyclable packaging, a reliance on renewable energy, the promotion of responsible employee conduct, and a substantial increase in the utilization of sustainable ingredients in its formulations by 50%.

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