Trixie celebrates its 10-year-anniversary selling its product in the UK through retailers. The German-based company was founded in 1974 by Bonnik Hansen. From there on, Trixie quickly accomplished expanding in all European countries and wordwide. In 2012, Trixie decided to self-manage by installing a special sales team for the UK, after Trixie UK went into administration.

Currently, there are seven area sales managers who are in charge of British customers. Taking orders, dealing with complaints, revealing offers, supporting in store designs and sales promotion are part of their duties and responsabilities. One of the sales managers is Martin Hume who has worked for Trixie since 2012. All logistics as well as a six-person back-office team that supports customers and sales managers, are located in Tarp, a city in northern Germany.

Russell Cook assumed the position of national sales manager for the UK in 2018 whose job is to achieve growth in pet accessories and to support retailers. Furthermore, Jana Suhr took the position as back-office team leader in 2020.

Because of new regulations due to Brexit, Trixie needed to face several problems in 2021. Therefore, in June 2021, Trixie UK Pet Products Ltd. was founded. The new CEO Volker Haak explained “we can now ensure the sustainable supply of the 6 500-item range to the UK without additional administrative work involving customs or authorities. Trixie is therefore confident that we will be able to ship goods to UK customers just as easily as in pre-Brexit times and is well prepared for the next 10 years.” In return for UK customer’s loyalty, the company will place some “Trixieversary offers” in 2022.

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