Thai Union invests in Orgafeed, producer of the brand Laika which is famous for treats with black soldier fly larvae protein. By raising the insects on food waste Orgafeed promotes circular economy. Thus Thai Union invests in a part of the first charge of Thailand’s first global food-tech startup SPACE-F, that is co-founded by Thai Union itself.

Orgafeed is just one of several investments from Thai Union. The companys pet product portfolio contains various famous brand such as Bellota and Paramount.

“At Thai Union, innovation and sustainability are two important pillars of our business. The pet industry is experiencing strong humanization and premiumization trends, which has led to customers looking for healthier and more sustainable products, thus driving our portfolio towards pet products, such as insect protein, where the environmental impact (emissions, land and water usage) is significantly lower than other kinds of farmed protein,” said Roy Chan, CEO of i-Tail, Thai Union. “Orgafeed will help us better serve our customers, especially in the sustainable pet food segment. We’re very pleased to be participating in this round of funding and are looking forward to exploring collaboration opportunities with them.”

Ittikorn Thepmani, Orgafeed’s co-founder and Circular Economy Officer (CEO) stated, “We believe that insect protein is a sustainable choice that helps to raise the standard of the pet food industry, both in terms of nutritional benefits and sustainability. With this partnership and investment from Thai Union Group, we will be able to scale both our business as well as the positive impacts on the environment. We look forward to this journey together with Thai Union Group and their pet care experts and professionals.”

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