In Taiwan, a new department in the Council of Agriculture was established taking the responsibility of pets‘ lives “from birth to death” in the industry. According to the government, the section shall supervise every aspect in the industry from pet food to training, sitting, insurancing and grooming.

“There are about 7 million households in the country, of which 2 million are registered as having pets,” said Minister Chen Chi-chung.

Regarding official data, there are 2.3 million registered pet dogs and cats causing the value of NT$50 billion (US$1.74M) of the Taiwanese pet industry each year.

According to a confirmation of a government’s spokesperson (Executive Yuan), the section will be fully established in April having NT$130 million (US$4.5M) at its disposal.

In comparison to 2009 where the number of pet businesses was 3,734, in 2020 the number doubled to 7,207 according to the Taiwanese Ministry of Finance.

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