Due to a “good profitability“, the Symrise group recorded sales of €4.6 billion ($4.85B) last year an increase of 20.7% compared to the previous year. The Taste, Nutrition and Health division could reach to €2.9 billion ($3B), an increase of 24.8% mainly caused by the acquisitions of Giraffe Foods, Schaffelaarbos, and Wing Pet Food.

According to the company, the “positive net effect“ of the takeovers, the purchase of Velcorin and the color division accounted for €99 million ($104.4M).

The “impairment” of Swedencare has increased the net income from €95 million ($100M) to €280 million ($295M).

According to CEO Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, last year, the company has “excellently” improved the portfolio with acquisitions and strategic partnership. . “Our outlook for 2023 is correspondingly optimistic. We believe that we will continue to grow and create sustainable value in the current year,” he stated.

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