According to latest data released by the Belgian Association of Pet Food Manufacturers (BEPEFA), 60% of all Belgians own a pet in 2023 (57% in 2022, 52% in 2021).

The survey revealed that 65% of pet owners are French-speaking and 53% are Flemish. 70% of Belgians aged under 35 own a pet, 64% of aged 35-54 and 56% of the ones aged 55 and older. The most popular pet is the cat (33%), followed by dog with 30%. However, dog ownership rose by 6% over the past two years.

Further results showed that 2 out of 10 Belgians appreciated a new pet in the past year. 7% bought their first pet while 12% took another pet to their existing one.

Only 3 out of 10 new pets were purchased from a breeder.

Regarding weekly and monthly basis, pet owners prefer purchasing in supermarkets. However, on an annually basis, pet parents favour buying in pet shops. Generally, dog owners emphasize buying more from specialized channels than cat owners.

Pet owner spent about €109 ($117) per month on their pet whereas €79.4 ($85.2) accounted for pet food. The price increases did also influence purchasing habits. 6 out of 10 pet owners try to not change any pet care routine but 19% search for less expensive options.

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