Nutriment Raw, a manufacturer of raw pet food, has finally obtained its certification by UK Pet Food’s Raw Pet Food Certification Scheme after a detailled inspection in June.

“We are fully committed to producing the highest quality, ethically prepared raw food for dogs and cats in the marketplace,” says Martin Heal, Managing Director of Nutriment Raw.

The manufacturer, with a production volume of 1.3 million raw meals per month, is the fourth company that has received this certification after Natural Dog Food Direct, Poppy’s Picnic and RPFC UK’s two brands, Benyfit Natural and Billy + Margot. 2 more company are still waiting for their inspection.

As the only independently audited, certified raw pet food scheme, this is the latest standard for UK-based manufacturer since last year.

The scheme certificates the safety and quality standards of the food, provides a good reputation and shows industry members that the raw food is produced in agreement with applied law.

In this moment in time, only UK Pet Food members can obtain this certification. According to Deputy Chief Executive Nicole Paley, the forum will slowly extend to non-members.

To obtain the scheme, companies must fulfill a comprehensive standard in several different aspects. UK Pet Food’s CEO Michael Bellingham underlines that the whole process is audited from the materials to the complete product. To name specific steps of the audit: supplier assurance, quality checks, full traceability systems, microbiological testing, internal auditing programs and staff training are just some of the points.

All the guidelines were established in cooperation with Animal Health & Protection Agency (APHA), the Health & Protection Agency (HPA), the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) and evolved with the independent certification scheme expert KIWA.

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