The premium pet food manufacturer Petcurean Pet Nutrition from Canada has banded together with United Petfood. The company is allowed to use the 17 production facilities of United Petfood to distribute its premium products in Europe as from autumn 2022.

While Petcurean Pet Nutrition currently sells its premium products for cats and dogs in Canada, the US and 30 other countries, United Petfood sells its private labeling pet food products, produced in 30 facilities located in 8 countries, in more than 80 countries all over the world.

Last year, the Now Fresh line of Petcurean was launched which support the company’s aim to provide the best pet food for cats and dogs.

“We recognize that every pet is unique and there is no single way to feed our furry friends,” says Kambria Newton, trade marketing & communications manager for Petcurean. “That’s why Petcurean offers a diverse range of recipes to provide options for any size, breed or stage of life — whether that’s a diet based on high animal protein, moderate protein, plant-based protein, or a diet that is grain-free, grain-friendly or contains limited ingredients to address food sensitivities and adverse reactions.”

“Our main priority is to help pet parents understand what makes Now Fresh unique in the marketplace, and how the recipes are formulated with functional ingredients — including more than 20 nutrient-rich superfoods — to provide tailored nutrition to support the health of dogs and cats, no matter what their breed, size or age,” says Newton. “We recognize that it’s our responsibility to provide as much information as possible to pet parents, so they can make informed decisions about what is best for their cherished animal companions.”

Petcurean tries to communicate why the company’s pet food is different from already existing types. Therefore, the Now Fresh products got a new packaging that emphasizes the advantages of the different recipes. Furthermore, Petcurean installed a customized website as well as accounts on different social media platforms to keep in touch with ist customers.

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