In the first months of 2020, Europeans have bought lots of new pets like cats, dogs, birds and reptiles to keep themselves amused while forced to stay at home. The following year, the panic-buying of pet food and more lockdowns did not happen again.

Although, pet populations still increase and all those needed food last years. According to FEDIAF, the European pet food industry, the sales of pet food increased by 3.1% (to 27.7 billion EUR (US$28.89 billion)).

Compared to pre-pandemic times, the pet food sales retarded since 2021, but the purchase of all that pets moved the sales o pet food. According to FEDIAF, 90 million households in the EU keep at least one pet at home (46 of all households).

Pursuant to FEDIAF’s “Facts & Figures“ report of 2021, Russia has the highest population of dogs and cats, Italians have the most pet birds and French own the most reptiles. UK citizens have the most aquariums in the European Union.

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