The plant-based pet food startup THE PACK which participated in the accelerator program Leap Venture Studio’s 2021 could obtain £835,000 ($1.01 million USD) through its seeding funding round undertaken by the global vegan investment platform Vevolution. The platform even supported the startup ensuring secure £270,000 ($328,291 USD) to start the seed funding round.

The companies Scelta Mycofriends B.V., Veg Capital, Kale United, Akoleo, Silicon Valley VC Accel, Leap Ventures and the Mars Petcare Companion Fund, such as angel investors Simon Newstead, Alicia Robb, Simon Day, Victoria Betoeski and Leo Groenewegen attended the funding round.

“Mars Petcare is dedicated to working on solutions that improve the health and wellbeing of pets, people and the planet,” said Rachel Sheppard, who is director of Mars Petcare’s accelerator program. “Alternative protein diets for our pets will play a key role in helping us achieve a healthier planet in the future. Therefore, we are so proud to invest in companies like THE PACK through our Leap Venture Studio program — a seed-stage accelerator program in partnership with Michelson Found Animals and R/GA Ventures.”

THE PACK was founded in 2022 and provides plant-based dog food to its customers. The formulas which are developed with the aid of experts can be purchased in 3 recipes: No-Moo Ragu, No-Fishy Dishy and No-Cluck Casserole.

Vevolution expects alternative pet food proteins to get at $57.4 billion by 2023. THE PACK aims to benefit from this trend through its more innovative approach.

“We are obsessed with helping dogs be healthy and thrive on plant-diets,” explained Judy Nadel, co-founder of THE PACK. “For us this means focusing on great nutrition from a balanced source of plant-based proteins. We started this company to give dog parents better choices than what existed before. We have chosen a solution focused on taste and high-quality nutrition, as we believe this is the approach that will lead to healthy dogs and long term success for the business.”

The seed funding shall be used to develop and launch the company’s first dried dog food completely baked in the oven.

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