The London-based startup Biscuit Pet Care could raise €3.4 million in seed funding and was added to the pet portfolio of investment company Correlation One. The pet care rewards application supports pet parents by rewarding investments in the health of the user’s pet.

Biscuit was launched just 9 months ago and could already attract 50,000 users. Within the last 9 months, the startup has partnered with 30 companies like Adidas, Waitrose, and Tesco so that users can use their cash rewards with these companies. In total, active users have earned £150,000 (€170,000) so far.

Biscuit Pet Care Co-Founder Claire Greenyer explained that the users are “committed to investing in the health and well-being of their dogs while earning rewards for doing so.”

Based on a “proprietary algorithm” the app determines the “dog’s needs based on age and breed.” The users can earn points called ‘Biscuits’ e.g. for “adhering to flea and worm treatments” and walking dogs. The app even provide an “amount and length of time” for walking the dog based on age and breed.

Since the startup could reach its first year’s goal within 9 months, it is now starting the “scale-up phase” aiming to double the team and user’s size until the end of 2023. Furthermore, new features and elements shall be added this year.

“The traction we’ve seen in the first 9 months is very encouraging and instills confidence in the pet well-being program we’ve delivered to date. Further investment, when sought, will help us to build on our early success and ensure we achieve the longer-term vision for Biscuit,” Claire Greenyer said to GlobalPETS.

For the time being, the app can only be used by dog owners in the UK, but the pet care startup is also thinking about expansion into other regions. “Our focus to date has been rewarding owners for the physical activity of their dogs and completing the first of our well-being badges for the regular application of flea and worming treatment and microchipping,” she added.

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