According to an announcement of Paleo Ridge, the company’s bone broths for dogs and cats line will be extended. Originally, the bone broth line was only launched with chicken flavour and will be expanded with beef and lamb flavour. All formulas contain a single protein and only natural ingredients and are grain free,

“Our range of bone broth is naturally mineral rich with essential vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids to keep your pets at their optimum,” said Esther Logue, content and communications manager at Paleo Ridge. “Bone broth is pressure cooked using the finest cuts of bones to produce a product high in protein, gelatin and collagen.”

The whole range supports dogs and cats. According to the company, the line helps sensitive stomachs and gut health. The broths can be fed warm or cold as additional to a complete diet.

“This has been a long time in development, perfecting this range of products, and we are thrilled to be adding Classic Bone Broth to the Paleo Ridge range,” stated Will Green, director of sales and marketing at Paleo Ridge.

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