According to an announcement on May 25, Premium pet food brand OzPro launches its first therapeutic pet food line in Indonesia. The new lines, new Booster and Holistic dog and cat food, consist of freeze-dried raw meat diets and include traceabe human-grade ingredients.

The whole Booster line consists in 11 different cat and dog food formulas and are made without added preservatives and additives.

In order to improve pet’s heath, the Holistic line has 3 different formulas.

“Our goal is to offer pet owners the knowledge and resources they need to understand the critical importance of pet nutrition,” stated marketing manager Cindy Chong. “We hope more people become aware that food is medicine. With the right food, you can witness positive effects on your pets’ health. Since pets can’t communicate their needs verbally, it is essential to take all precautions before it’s too late. Often, we become aware of health problems only when symptoms have become severe.”

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