Origin Valley Pet Nutrition, an Irish company specializing in air-dried pet treats, has announced its expansion plans into the North American market. Actively seeking private label partnerships, the company aims to replicate its success in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Niall O’Brien, the founder of Origin Valley, expressed optimism about the potential in the North American pet food market, stating, “The North American pet food market presents exciting opportunities to build on the growth and success we have had with our partners in the United Kingdom and Europe by supplying premium, bespoke, natural products as a co-manufacturing offering.”

Adhering to Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI) standards and maintaining practices such as HACCP, FDA, FEDIAF, and GMP, Origin Valley’s pet treat kitchens prioritize safety and quality. The company serves as a one-stop-shop for air-dried pet treat development, offering comprehensive support including in-house R&D, manufacturing, and packaging services.

Emphasizing their commitment to the highest food standards with BRC accreditation since establishment, O’Brien highlighted the “artisan approach” taken to craft private label pet treats in various shapes like clovers, twisted chews, jerky, sausages, and more. Origin Valley’s capabilities encompass fresh meat inclusions, plant-based and fresh insect formulations, grain-free recipes, hypoallergenic formulas, and the use of natural tocopherol-derived antioxidants.

“Our air-drying process maintains a high level of natural goodness in the finished product,” O’Brien emphasized. “We pride ourselves on our commitment to manufacturing to the highest food standards underpinned by our BRC accreditation since establishment.”

Origin Valley Pet Nutrition focuses on delivering clean label pet food solutions, using fresh meat and natural ingredients. The treats, meeting human-grade standards, incorporate active ingredients supporting various pet needs, including digestion, mobility, calming, skin and coat, immune, cardiovascular, and dental health. Designed for training, healthy snacking, reward, and functional treating occasions.

In alignment with sustainability goals, Origin Valley adopts environmentally friendly packaging formats, incorporates upcycled ingredients, and promotes the conservation of water, energy, and the surrounding countryside.

Additionally, the company has formed a partnership with Rudy Leschke, president of R Leschke Consulting Services, Inc., who will provide in-house R&D support to Origin Valley’s clients. Leschke brings extensive experience from the pet food industry, having worked with Mars Petcare, Nestlé Purina, Nutro, and Ainsworth Pet Nutrition.

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