Due to the recently obtained £1.1 million (€1.31/$1.5M), OMNI, a pet food company specialised in plant-based dog food, could strongly increase its sales and has served over 1,000 customers.

“We’re now seeing nearly 50% of customers sign up for monthly subscriptions and seeing very low levels of churn among these customer bases which we believe shows how much dogs are loving their OMNI meals,” explained co-founder Shiv Sivakumar during a GlobalPETS interview.

Regarding the companys interest in Europe, US and Asia Sivakumar said, “We are considering our expansion into these markets in the near term.”

Furthermore, OMNI intends to bring a new treat range to market in the upcoming months.

According to different sources, vegan pet food market had a value of $9.3 million (€8.4B) in 2021 while forcasts say the market will increase by 7.5% every year to $15.6 billion (€14.1B) by 2028.

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