Nestlé could celebrate group sales increase of 5.6% to 23.5 bn Swiss francs (~ 23.95 bn euros) in the first 3 months of the fiscal year. In comparison, last year’s sales accounted for 22.2 bn Swiss francs in the same period.

Purina pet products was again the most conducive to organic growth. Seperated into regions, there was seen a positive growth in North America, a middle single-digit growth in Europe, and high single-digit growths in the other regions.

Regarding the different distribution channels, growth in retail was again strong at 8.7%, sales in e-commerce even increased by 13.6% which represents 16.2% of total sales.

Speaking about whole 2023, Nestlé anticipates organic growth in sales of 6 to 8% as well as a profit-turnover ratio of 17 to 17.5%.

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