In order to test the recyclability of paper-based packaging, Mondi has opened its premier laboratory at the company’s factory in Frantschach on 30 August.

The laboratory shall accelerate the development of more sustainable packaging. The reason for the lab lies in the fact, that the paper packaging needs to be covered with non-paper-based coating to guarantee the product security. Therefore the new lab shall collect data discovering the environmental impact on specific packaging.

“The ability to provide our customers with information on the recyclability of our products will be a key enabler in our efforts to develop more sustainable solutions and enhance our value proposition for customers,” said Elisabeth Schwaiger, head of R&D and IP Flexible Packaging at Mondi.

Furthermore, the laboratory shall be used to improve the packaging’s design.

“Currently, 78% of Mondi’s group wide portfolio is already either reusable, recyclable or compostable. This recycling lab enables us to move closer to our MAP2030 goals of making 100% of our products fulfill these requirements by 2025,” Schwaiger said.

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