Mars Petcare will start using its food-safe recycled packaging in the United Kingdom, Poland and Switzerland in the first quarter of 2022.

The company also tries to enlarge its new packaging on the whole product range “throughout 2022”.

Unfortunately, the recycled materials needed are hardly available, which slows down the company’s plans. “The future availability of Advanced Recycled materials is slowly becoming more transparent and with this increased visibility, we will be able to plan and schedule increased rollout of these products with more accuracy,” a company spokesperson said.

MarsPetcare first tries out its new packaging with the cat food brand SHEBA in in a gusseted pouch and 85g portion. So far, the design will be the same but Mars is open for new designs in the future.

“Ideally, the information we’ll provide will be a mix of on-pack labeling, corporate and brand communications. We will also partner with our peers and industry groups to encourage clarity in labeling and communications for the future.”

The company’s $1 billion Sustainable in a Generation announced in 2017 provides “reusable, recyclable or compostable“ packaging by 2025.

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