Mars Petcare has announced new plans of the company regarding new investments and new appointments.

In order to boost Mars Petcare and Royal Canin, the pet food manufacturer intends to invest €130 million ($139.5M) in production facilities in France.

According to Mars Petcare France’s Romain Dumas, the investments will “increase production capacities, modernize and digitize factories and equip veterinary clinics.”

“All these investments will allow us to continue to offer the French and their pets quality products at the best price and to develop our company in a solid and sustainable way.”

In January 2022, the company has already announced a €85 million ($90M) investment. The company will now use €65 million ($69M) to build a new production line in Saint-Denis-de-l’Hôtel (Val de Loire) that meets the demands for the company’s environmental commitments.

Furthermore, Mars revealed two new appointments in the European team.

As new Global Vice President for Strategic Initiatives, Helen Warren-Piper will take responsibility for new initiatives on European markets. She has formerly worked as Europe’s Chief Growth Officer for Europe and General Manager for the UK Pet Nutrition business.

Melodie Nye will succeed Warren-Piper as Chief Growth Officer of the company.

As part of the announcement, Mars has also annunciated the investment of A$112.6 million (€69.4M/$74.2M) for the development of its 7,800 m² Wodonga production facility in the state of Victoria, Australia. The company aims to add two more lines to produce annually 290 million pouches of cat food. The new expanded facility will start operations in 2025 and will offer 60 more jobs.

For 5 years, Mars had invested more than A$55.8 million (€34.3M/$36.8M) in that facility. The new investment will “future-proof” the company’s operations in that area.

“This significant investment will allow us to respond to pet trends, including the continued rise in cat ownership—growing at nearly 4% per year—more than twice as fast as our dog population,” says Craig Sargeant, General Manager at Mars Petcare Australia. The General Manager continues that 50% of the Australian wet cat food market account for pouch products.

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