In order to increase production in the upcoming year, pet food manufacturer Mars will expand its facility in Hyderabad adding a second dry extruder line and increasing the capacity of the packaging line.

After the expansion, the plant is able to produce 65,000 tons of dry food which shall suffice to meet the rising demand in India and to export across Asia according to the company.

Ganesh Ramani, the company’s Managing Director for India, stated that the segment growth 16% in 2019 to over 20% in 2020 was caused by “continued efforts” to merchandise boxed pet foods in the country.
“In 2021, we gained a market share and outpaced the category growth expected to be 35% to 40%,” he continued.

The expansion of the plant in Hyderabad which was built in 2008 shall start at the beginning of 2024 expecting to take only a couple of months. According to an announcement by Mars Petcare in 2021, ₹500 crores ($61.9M / €56.8M) would be invested in the expansion.

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