Lily’s Kitchen, a pioneering UK-based pet food manufacturer, holds the distinction of being a founding member of B Corp certification (Benefit Corporation) since 2006 and achieved the notable feat of becoming the inaugural B Corp certified pet food brand in 2015. The upcoming global celebration in March will see B-Corp certified companies worldwide collectively recognizing their contributions to societal and environmental sustainability, as reported by the company. In the latest audit of 2022, Lily’s Kitchen achieved an impressive 92.3 Impact Points, surpassing the current median value of 50.9 points for all audited companies.

Illustrating a robust commitment to social responsibility, Lily’s Kitchen consistently donates a minimum of 50,000 meals annually to support cats and dogs in need. Additionally, the company empowers each of its employees to allocate four days of paid employment for volunteer activities. Another pivotal objective for Lily’s Kitchen revolves around ensuring the full recyclability of all its packaging by the year 2025.

The esteemed B Corp certification, bestowed by the non-profit organization B Lab, recognizes companies leveraging their financial influence in a distinctive manner to address prevailing social and environmental challenges. To attain B Corp certification, companies are required to achieve an Impact Score of no less than 80 points.

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