On February 26th, the debut of Kemin Industries‘ Innovation Center and its second spray-drying facility occurred at the regional headquarters in Vargeão, Santa Catarina. This establishment solidifies the Kemin Nutrisurance location as the largest pet food manufacturing plant in Latin America, boasting significant volume capacity for both dry and liquid palatants, as highlighted by the company.

The expansion of Kemin Nutrisurance’s Research and Exploration Services has been a focal point, aiming to collaboratively elevate product development with customers across all phases of pet food production. In July 2023, the company introduced its Research and Exploration Services with the inauguration of its initial wet pet food pilot plant. The recently established Innovation Center in Brazil is an extension of this initiative, empowering Kemin Nutrisurance to promptly deliver precise solutions for its palatant and protein clientele in South America.

V. Lucatelli, General Manager – South America, Kemin Nutrisurance, expressed optimism, stating, “Our inaugural Innovation Center in South America will significantly fortify our Research and Exploration Services in the region, providing customers with a local laboratory to enhance and assess current and future product performance, thus improving cost efficiency to deliver groundbreaking innovations in response to the fast-paced demands of the pet food industry.”

As part of Kemin Nutrisurance’s ongoing expansion strategy in South America and Latin America, the resulting Vargeão site will cater to the South American market and meet Kemin Nutrisurance’s palatant requirements in Asia and Europe.

Emphasizing the importance of Research and Development (R&D) support for customers, Jason Shelton, Ph.D., Global Vice President – R&D, Kemin Nutrisurance, remarked, “By localizing our Research and Exploration Services through the establishment of an Innovation Center at the regional level, we can create a customer experience tailored to specific needs, aligned with the rapid evolution of the industry.”

The unveiling of the new Innovation Center and spray-drying facility featured a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Kemin Nutrisurance leadership, including President Kimberly Nelson and Kemin Industries WorldWide Group President David Raveyre. The facility is currently open for engagement with customers in the Latin American pet food industry.

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