Joe Wykes was advanced to CEO at Jollyes to reach the company’s goal of an “ambition” expansion.

He came to the company in July 2021 as COO. Since then, he mainly contributed to Jollyes‘ growth so far. Wykes formerly worked as COO at bed retailer Benson for Beds but was also responsible for finances and operations in several companies before.

Jollyes intends the opening of 20 stores in the next year as well as hitting annual sales of £100 million (€116M / €122M) this year.

“I am confident that in Joe we have a CEO who has the energy, drive, passion and commitment to deliver our strategic objectives – and, just as importantly, someone from inside our business who knows and understands what we stand for,” said Jollyes’ executive chairman Richard Cotter.

For now, Cotter will stay in the role of executive chairman, but slowly returning to his previous role as non-executive chair.

Jollyes could record a 12.5% sales increase to £42 million (€50M, $56.6M) in total during half a year until 30 November 2021.

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