Innovafeed introduced its new brand, Hilucia™, on February 26, offering a range of high-quality insect-based ingredients for animal and plant nutrition with minimal environmental impact. Derived from black soldier fly larvae (BSFL), Hilucia addresses the rising demand for sustainable ingredients in response to increased environmental awareness.

The U.S. pet food industry, currently reliant on over 4 million tonnes of animal-derived ingredients for dry and wet formulas, is a primary target for Hilucia as it seeks to provide a sustainable alternative. The product line includes four offerings tailored for pet food, animal feed, aquaculture, and agriculture markets.

Elizaveta Le Floch, Chief Business Officer of Innovafeed, highlights the expanded Hilucia range, featuring new products like Protein for Monogastrics and Oil for Aqua. This development reinforces Innovafeed’s leadership across diverse markets, spanning pets, livestock, aquaculture, and agriculture.

Hilucia’s environmental merits are emphasized, with a life cycle analysis showing at least a 50% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional plant- and animal-derived proteins, oils, and fertilizers. The brand integrates BSFL’s upcycling capabilities with Innovafeed’s cutting-edge technology, resulting in a notable surge in production and sales, doubling in 2023.

BSFL, known for efficiently transforming low-value, plant-based raw materials into premium nutrients, requires only 1.5 kg of dry feed to generate 1 kg of body mass within a short 15-day period. Innovafeed’s adoption of an “industrial symbiosis” model further underscores its commitment to sustainability, optimizing insect rearing facilities to minimize environmental impact, transportation requirements, and production costs.

Hilucia represents the culmination of years of dedicated development for Innovafeed, underpinned by key pillars of partnerships, sustainability, nutrition, and quality. Strategic collaborations with industry players like Cargill, ADM, and Hello Nature have solidified Innovafeed’s market presence in France and globally.

Innovafeed’s sustainability commitment is multifaceted, evident through its B Corp accreditation in 2022, the release of an Impact Report in January 2024, and recent certification as a member of the Pet Sustainability Coalition. The introduction of the “Powered by Hilucia” logo for product packaging symbolizes a dedication to quality and sustainability. Arch Pet Food’s adoption of the logo on its Super Future Formula exemplifies the industry’s collective shift toward excellence, sustainability, and transparency in pet nutrition.

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