Hungarian pet food producer Panzi-Pet is expanding its storage capacities to meet the increasing demand for the manufacturer’s products. According to Tamás Pandzarisz, managing director, the company plans on extending its product folio. In cooperation with European dog harness manufacturer Julias-K9 there was already launched a new premium line, Juluis-K9 Vital essentials.

“Our company mostly deals with dry dog and cat food. We have manufactured in Hungary for more than 30 years, and our products range from economy to grain-free superpremium-quality products,” Pandzarisz said. “Most recently, we started to focus on treats and snacks, so dental sticks, meaty snacks, stuffed pillows, meat rolls and training snacks can be found in our portfolio.”

“We are in a constant expansion in every dimension. Taking into account the expansion of our turnover, we have to keep up with the production, packaging and storage capacities,” Pandzarisz said. “This year, we finished construction of a brand-new 2,000-square-meter warehouse at our manufacturing facility. We have also constructed another additional facility of 1,000 square meters to allow multinational retail chains such as Fressnapf, Auchan, Tesco and others to pick up orders.”

In 2022 there are further expansions planned. “Luckily, we still have some space where we can build, so next year, we will for sure further advance construction work,” he said.

Panzi-Pet vends its products to more than 30 countries across the world. The main export destination are the states of the European Union but the company also exports its products to Africa.

“One of our biggest partners is based in the [Spanish] Canary Islands, and we have a very talented, young partner in the Benelux states,” he said, making a reference to Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. “We also have strong relations with the Arabian Peninsula, which covers Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai and Kuwait.”

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