“We want the world to know how the war has changed the life of Ukrainians and their pets,” was written by a spokeswoman for Collar Company in a report to the editorial team of PET worlwide.

Collar Company, based in Chernihiv close to Russia and Belarus, is an important company in the Ukrainian the pet supply industry.

Chernihiv was shelled by Russia right from the first day of war. According to the spokeswoman on 24 February, all workers had to stay at home to safe themselves and the business was stopped. “We will continue to provide pets with food and other essentials, and we will also take care of our staff and pay their wages so that our team can withstand these difficult times,” says company founder Yuriy Sinitsa.

Although Russia continued its aggressions, the company’s stores stayed open offering pet owners the opportunty to purchase food for their pets. For sheltering pet owners, Collar’s team allocated food packagaes and furthermore donated pet food to shelters.

After an bombardement on one of Collar’s store, the pets had to be brought to safety, but all of them survived. Until now, one store was ruined in an air attack, another one fell victim to disastrous fights. After a shopping centre that included a Collar’s store, was destroyed, the left goods were taken away. Furthermore, the Chernihiv Arena was destroyed by bombardement.

Sinitsa shared his terrific story of his 45th birthday that he had to spend in an air raid shelter, after the family decided to stay in Chernihiv, they suffered from heavy air attacks. The whole family moved to the shelter for two weeks.

The company tries to stay in touch with the staff team of around 600 people. While 255 stayed in Chernihiv, 160 moved to western Ukraine and 158 could not be gotten in touch with e.g. The managing director intends to do anything possible for his team since he believes in the survivor of the Ukraine and a rebuilding after the war.

The Collar Company keeps on working for all people and pets in the Ukraine being glad about anyone willing to help. Contact via website collarglobal.com.

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