At the digital press conference on 23 February, Torsten Toeller, founder and proprietor of Fressnapf, announced that the company aims to open 400 new stores by 2024 going along with a massive investment. Europe’s leading pet store chain mainly wants to concentrate on Poland and France where the company’s sales increased by 46,2 per cent.

The company generated total sales of 3.17 bn euros while 1.8 bn of which have been made in Germany. “We grew three times faster than the market,” stated director Christian Kümmel. When the company started with its online shops, Fressnapf could reach a growth of 54 per cent to 245 mio euros.

“Omnichannel will be the winner in the pet supplies sector. Customers who shop both online and offline at Fressnapf spend three times as much as other customers,” commented director Johannes Steegman, director of the subsidiary Maxi Zoo. Furthermore, he stated that Fressnapf tries to evolve its ecosystem in the following years.

Regarding the plan to expand in Poland and France, Steegman said, “In doing so, we are operating from our own economic strength and we are becoming faster and better on our way to becoming a caretaker.”

Later this year, the company also plans to increase the current amount of 5 stores in Romania. Overall, Fressnapf wants to expand its international network adding about 100 stores.

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