Pet store chain Fressnapf has started the test of the delivery service in two German cities Berlin and Düsseldorf.
Customers can place orders which are delivered by the Finnish technology firm Wolt within 35 minutes.

“We are combining the stationary offering in our stores in Berlin and Düsseldorf with the strengths of the world’s best quick-commerce player to give our customers a faster and more convenient service,” says Johannes Steegmann, board chairman at Fressnapf. “In this way we are making innovative use of our assets as an omnichannel retailer and building a competitive advantage over purely e-commerce suppliers. We are excited to see if we can open up new customer circles in conurbation areas by this and how this offering will go down with our existing customers,” added Steegmann.

The Finish delivery service is available in 280 cities all over the world, thereof 15 in Germany. According to the company, all couriers are permanently employed, have health insurance and fair paid. Most of them are part-time workers.

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