Fressnapf plans to distribute its exclusive brands internationally in the future to increase distribution and build up a network. They would also like to extend their business relations to other areas outside Europe.

The retail chain presents the Croatian pet product retailer Zoo Hobby as its first strategic partner. The latter has been active in the pet food field since 1974 and has around 20 stores (Zoo City) plus a wholesale operation in Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia.

Fressnapf is a franchise company that employs around 12,000 people throughout Europe, of which around 7,000 work in the stores, logistics centres and company headquarters, and 5,000 at the national franchise partners. The first store was opened in 1990 by Torsten Toeller and today Fressnapf/Maxizoo is the market leader in the pet supplies sector.

Zoo Hobby started business in 1975 when they opened one of the first pet shops in former Yugoslavia.Since 1994 they have been in the wholesale-distribution business and since the end of 2011, with the acquisition of the retail chain ZOO CITY, they have re-established direct contact with end consumers. Zoo Hobby has acquired and developed specific knowledge in the sector of product distribution, so that they in 2006 started to build up their business in the region. They established a daughter company in Belgrade and started product distribution to other ex-Yugoslav countries.

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