The pet food startup Pepette, founded in 2019, raised about (US$6.1 million) from a investors group to build a new 1,000 m² facility in France. The new plant will make the production of own products, increase its output and expanding possible for the company.

Founder and CEO Marine Thersiquel explained why she founded the company in 2019. She aimed to offer healthy and fresh pet food for cats and dogs especially adapted to the needs of the individuals.

“Owing to an algorithm that is our property, our brand proposes a nutrition program that is perfectly calibrated to the energy needs of each particular animal. All of this is available through a subscription service,” she said.

“This September, we will launch a new line of nutritional supplements under the form of snacks,” Thersiquel added.

The company is also planning to offer a new service for nutritional consultations.

The production of Pepette’s pet food currently happens in partner facilities. “We want to internalize production in the Centre Val de Loire region at a plant fitted with a surface of 1,000 square meters within a period of 24 months.”

Thersiquel said, the company now focusses on strengthen its position on the national market.

“France is the second largest European market with regard to the number of dogs and cats, at 21 million. There is a major potential for expansion here that we want to explore in the coming months,” Thersiquel said.

“In the mid-term, we intend to expand to other European countries,” she added. “This concerns a number of markets, such as Germany, and southern European countries such as Italy and Spain.”

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