FreezeM, a pioneering biotechnology company offering Breeding-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions for black soldier fly (BSF) protein rearing, has successfully concluded its series A funding round on February 15, securing a substantial $14.2 million. Leading the investment charge is the European Innovation Council Fund (EIC Fund), alongside contributions from a mix of new and existing investors.

Armed with this funding, FreezeM is strategically positioned to expedite the commercialization process and expand its network of breeding hubs to meet the surging market demand for insect-based proteins.

Yuval Gilad, Ph.D., co-founder, and CEO of FreezeM, emphasized “The current funding round will enable FreezeM to embed our technology globally at scale and accelerate the growth of our breeding hubs in Europe and Israel, thereby driving successful commercial expansion. Our technology unleashes the insect market from its shackles and will propel the insect protein market to fulfill its true potential.”

Quoting a Meticulous Research report, FreezeM envisions the global BSF protein market reaching an impressive $3.96 billion by 2033. This projection encompasses applications in livestock feed and pet food markets, where the sustainability and reduced environmental impact of insect-based proteins are increasingly recognized. FreezeM’s biotechnology-driven approach seeks to streamline the intricate breeding process, fostering robust growth in this dynamic sector.

At the forefront of FreezeM’s offerings is PauseM®, a proprietary solution featuring “paused” life-cycle BSF neonates with a 14-day shelf life and exceptional survival rates exceeding 90%. This innovative solution provides processors the flexibility to receive “paused” neonates for storage based on their production needs. By establishing a decoupled production model, it significantly enhances efficiency and scalability for producers.

Recognizing the breeding phase as a common bottleneck in industrial BSF protein production, FreezeM’s PauseM addresses critical challenges arising from technological gaps and insect colony instability. By delivering precise control over the breeding supply chain, PauseM is instrumental in supporting the growth and scalability of the global insect protein sector.

Founded in 2018 by three graduates of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, FreezeM extends its transformative PauseM solution to cater to both small- and large-scale BSF protein facilities across the globe.

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