The business magazine Forbes has recently released its yearly list of Europe’s top 30 Under 30 entrepreneurs who have excelled at the region’s retail and e-commerce industries.

This year’s list incorporates three founders of natural pet treats and supplement companies: Mammaly, NutriPaw, and Just Russel.

  1. Mammaly
    In 2020, the business men Alexander Thelen and Stanislav Nazarenus from Berlin have established a snack and product business with the aid of veterinarians in order to provide a solution for several problems for dogs.
    Mammaly has 50 employees and receives support from Paris-based venture capital funde Five Seasons Ventures. In 2022, the company was placed 75th out of 12,000 German fast-growing startups.
  2. NutriPaw
    The UK-based company NutriPaw founded by Connor Westby and Adelina Cornelia Zotta. The company’s supplements which can also be purchased on Amazon are made from natural herbs and are designed to provide help for stress, fear, itching, scratching, joint flexibility, strength, and aging.
    NutriPaw recorded $6.7 million (€6.2M) in 2022 with a customer base of over 125,000.
  3. Just Russel
    In 2020, Belgians Louis Mortreu, Renaat Waeles, Cyriel Van Steen, and Victor Mortreu founded Just Russel in order to faciliate life for owners and to make pets happy.
    The company produces supplements, natural treats, chews, toys, customized dog and cat and provides a subscription-based delivery service.

NutriPaw could obtain a record-breaking growth last year and established its products in Germany

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