With a sales increase of 15.2 per cent, Das Futterhaus, a German pet store chain, is the winner of 2021. The company could overrun the sector’s growth of approx. four per cent according to data from the IVH and ZZF.

Regarding 2021, Das Futterhaus can record total sales of 521 mio euros (2020: 452 mio euros). The sales in German stores increased by 15.4 per cent to 469 mio euros (2020: 406.5 mio euros), whereas sales in Austria grew by 13.4 per cent to 52 mio euros (2020: 45.9 mio euros).

The company owns 406 stores in Germany and Austria now, while 21 new stores were opened in the last year. Das Futterhaus intends to achieve a number of 550 stores in total in the next few years and even tries to raise the number to 750 stores with ist franchise partners.

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