Currently, around 11 million tons of plastic reach in the oceans yearly. Experts forecast this amout to double within the next decades. To fight this plastic pollution, the Hamburg start-up Traceless Materials has invented a sustainable alternative.

Founders Anne Lamp and Johanna Baare developed a material from plant by-products of the agribusiness which can be fully and naturally composted in a little amout of time.

The German pet store chain Das Futterhaus shows enthusiasm: Futterhaus aims to support the founders by including their innovation into stores, managing director Kristof Eggerstedt stated on LinkedIn. “Our cooperation with Traceless is getting underway with the development of pouches for our unpackaged concept, the popular food bar. Specific plans are in hand for many other ideas for using this ingenious material.”

Next to Futterhaus, there are 40 consumer goods producers and 12 plastic industry companies that are interested in using the alternativ from Traceless Materials. Lufthansa and Otto belong to the first industy customers testing the granulate produced at the Traceless pilot plant in Buchholz.

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