Globe Buddy, a Danish pet food startup using insect and plant protein, launched its first sustainable dog treat line called Globe Buddy Crunch on July 18.

The new line includes three different recipes: Insect Crunch, based on mealworms and black soldier fly larvae (BSFL); Veggie Crunch, made out of fruits and vegetables, and Spirulina Crunch, another vegetarian alternative out of spirulina, seaweed, alfalfa and vegetables. Since the company has itself fully committed to sustainability, even the packaging is out of recyclable materials without plastic.

“We want to inspire a sustainable pet life,” said Bjarne Gravesen Jensen, chief executive officer and co-founder of Globe Buddy. “Now we are giving pet parents a crunchy alternative to unsustainable, traditional meat-based treats. We have recently started to offer our products via Amazon in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. These expanding sales channels are helping Globe Buddy to meet the growing demand for premium and planet friendly products.”

The new treats are all made of grain-free products and comprise neither added sugars nor artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The new line shall be easy to digest as well.

The Globe Buddy company, which was founded in 2019 and officially launched its first products in 2021, also revealed plans to expand its products with the dry kibble Globe Buddy Brown and entert he US market.

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