Over the last years, presents for pets became more famous. Compared to last year, Pets Place, a dutch pet retailer, announced rising sales of 50 % in Christmas gifts for pets.

Dog sweaters enjoy the biggest popularity with an increase of 80 %, but also animal-friendly ‘fries’ and alcohol free Belgian craft beer become more and more popular.

Though not only dog owners buy gifts for their pets. Also rabbits and other rodents are included in Christmas and even get their own trees or other snacks.

“Because we expected demand to pick up, we stocked 6 times as much as last year. We’ve already seen a massive increase in demand. And the busiest days are still ahead of us,” said Ard Malenstein, CEO of Ijsvogel Retail, parent company of Pets Place.

The retailer runs its last year‘s campaign again that was with 4000 participants very successful. For every consumer who posted a Christmas picture of his pet on social media, Pets Place donated one kilo of pet food to pet food banks.

“We saw pictures of horses, pigeons with bow ties, cats with Christmas hats, and a lot of dogs with Christmas sweaters.” said Ard Malenstein.

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