Regarding current numbers, cats are still the favorite pet of the Germans. In 2021, 16.7 mio cats lived in 26 per cent of the households while dogs were second favorites with 10.3 mio dogs in 21 per cent of households.

Just 4.6 mio small animals were distributed to 5 % of all households. The data collected of German pets showed: 3.1 mio cage birds in 3% of homes, 2.3 mio aquariums in 4% of households, 1.4 mio ponds in the garden of 3% of homes and 1.2 mio reptiles.

The largest group of pet owner represents people over 60 years old (24%), immediately followed by the generations aged 50 to 59 with 22%. 19% of pet owners are in the age of 30 to 39. The pet owners under the age of 29 as well as the ones aged between 40 and 49 each represent 18 %.

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