Effective from this month, the airline Akasa Air has passed a rule permitting pets in the cabin which travel with their owners. The passenger has to carry all certificates attesting th latest health and rabies vaccinations. Thereby, the airline consorts with Air India and SpiceXpress that already allow pets on board.

The owner has to keep his animal in a cage and must take care not to exceed the weight limit of 7 kilograms including the cage. Regarding trained guide dogs, they have to wear a muzzle and need to be kept leashed. On no account, pets may be placed on a passenger seat.

Animals that weigh up to 100 kilograms must be checked in at the cargo terminals since they cannot be dealed with via the passenger channels.

Furthermore, Akasa Air joined NGO Umeed Animals Foundation to obtain support in transporting pets especially in terms of preparation of the airline itself and of pet owners.

“We have been hyper-focused on establishing and delivering an empathetic, dependable, and reliable flying experience unlike anything witnessed in the Indian skies thus far,” said Praveen Iyer, Akasa Air’s Co-Founder.

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