Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia Sdn Bhd made an announcement on October 13th regarding the TRACES approval granted by the Ministry of Agriculture in Malaysia for their Entomeal™ and Entolipid insect-based ingredients. This approval now allows Veolia to export these components to manufacturers in European markets focused on pet food, aquaculture, and livestock nutrition.

According to Veolia, Entomeal, their insect meal, and Entolipid, an insect-derived oil, are meticulously produced in accordance with European Union industrial standards and strictly adhere to EU regulations for animal feed. The TRACES approval serves as a testament to the ingredients’ impeccable traceability and food safety standards upheld throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Fabrice Latchoumanin, General Manager at Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “There is an increasing requirement for sustainable and functional ingredients in the pet food and the aqua feed industry,” said Fabrice Latchoumanin, general manager at Veolia Bioconversion Malaysia. “Insect-based feed offers many benefits for these applications such as high digestibility and nutritious feed source. We are thrilled to provide a sustainable alternative source of protein to the European market.”

Entomeal and Entolipid originate from black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) through an innovative bioconversion process. This approach ensures that all byproducts are repurposed for agriculture, green energy production, and animal nutrition. This sustainable process not only enhances the value of organic waste but also contributes significantly to decarbonization efforts. Moreover, it leads to noteworthy savings in water, energy, and land resources compared to the production of conventional proteins for animal nutrition.

Veolia proudly declares that it operates one of the largest industrial insect processing facilities in Asia. This state-of-the-art facility holds certifications in ISO 22000, GMP, and HAACP, boasting the capacity to annually produce 3,000 tons of insect-based ingredients and fertilizers.

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