Entobel, a biotech company from Singapore, intends to be the leading insect manufacturer worldwide.

Therefore, the company is continuously developing new products to remain competitive on the global market.

Capital efficiency and tough technology “is the right approach to massive scaling up” according to co-founders Gaetan Crielaard and Alexandre de Caters.

The company produces insect-based ingredients from Black Soldier Flies in various industries including the animal feed, pet food, and fertilizer industry. Currently, it has 3 main products in its portfolio: insect meal, insect oil, and organic fertilizer.

Entobel is known for its insect-based products from Black Soldier Flies. The company’s main products insect meal, insect oil, and organic fertilizer are applied in animal feed, pet food and the fertilizer industry.

Mekong Enterprise Fund IV ($25M /€23.8M) and Dragon Capital ($5M / €4.7M) were the leader oft he fund.

Improving the exposure to the insects, Entobel and the feed additive research company Adisseo joined forces to start a R&D cooperation.

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